Anita DiPietro is an artist/designer from Southern New Jersey.  Anita began working with metals in 2005, and continually explores different methods of manipulating metal.  Using primarily silver, copper and bronze, each piece of her mixed-metal, jewelry, is carefully crafted by hand in her home studio.   Anita’s designs are one-of-a-kind or limited edition.  Although she sometimes recreates certain designs, they may have slight variations, since each one is made by hand and not manufactured by a machine.   While some of her designs are purely metal, she frequently incorporates unique  gemstones and fossils into her pieces.  Currently, her focus is on texture and movement in her work, though form and balance are also essential.  Inspired by nature, the world around her, and ancient civilizations, Anita’s jewelry captures her deep appreciation for the beauty and art that occurs in nature, while also merging ancient symbols and ideas into contemporary wearable art.